Sew What?

Men's Fine Tailoring

Modern Tailoring

We are a specialized tailoring and custom garment shop working with menswear.  We offer expert tailoring of suits, jackets, and pants.  Alterations of jeans and T-shirts are also common, especially in relaxed Florida.

Bespoke Swimwear is one of our specialties, Gett Wett is our brand and label.  You can choose from our swimwear off the rack, or have swimwear made especially for you.  We are now designing and producing women's swimwear - triangle tops and bottoms, bandeau, boy shorts and one piece.  We design, pattern, and manufacture small scale or produce samples for large scale.  Digital pattern production in vector format for dye sublimation design is another service we offer. 

Our other specialty is leather work.  Paul Michael Leather has a range of leather goods and we offer alterations to other brands of leather products (except shoes, boots, and hangbags).  

No matter what the project, contact us.  We are well connected in the sewing and fashion community, if we can't help you chances are we know someone who can.   

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